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Browser SX is a free Internet Explorer based tabbed browser
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Browser SX is a simple Internet web browser based on the Microsoft Internet Explorer engine. Therefore, it has many features similar to IE. One of the important features of this program is that it enables you to take screen shots of a current page using a keyboard shorutcut key (F12), and save them as JPG files directly.

The program has four styles that change its window style srastically, plus it has the ability to save your preferred style settings. The browser contains a nice toolbar with cool small icons that enable you to perform quick tasks such as changing the text size, page zooming, printing, and some more.

One of the advanced features of this browser is the ability to utilize tabbed browsing, which enables you to navigate several web pages in a single window (in different tabs) at once. Still, the history and favorites functions are typical to that of Microsoft Internet Explorer.

From the browser's options, you can clear the browser's cache, history and recently typed URLs. In addition, you can choose whether to allow or disallow images, videos, javascript, background sounds, java, and activeX components during surfing the web.

Despite the browser doesn't have all the features you may dream of, a freeware application is always a good alternative to shareware products.

Mark Adeeb
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  • Small in size
  • Based on Microsoft IE framework structure


  • Crashes sometimes
  • Poor features
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